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True Nordic Crimes

16 x 30 min

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Illegal smuggling, armed robbery, large scale prostitution and malicious murders are among the 16 unique stories featured in this documentary drama TV series, TRUE NORDIC CRIMES. Each half-hour episode contains an individual story consisting of a reenactment with narration, combined with interviews with victims, witnesses, investigators, police officers and criminals. TRUE NORDIC CRIMES is among the most popular series in the history of Icelandic television; having been nominated for best script, best editing and best costumes. As well as being the recipient of the EDDA Award for Best Documentary series from the Icelandic Film & Television Academy.

Genre: Documentary/Crime/Investigation

Episode 1 : The Airline Murder
Episode 2 : Crazy in love
Episode 3 : The Vanished mother
Episode 4 : A Robbery in Broad Daylight
Episode 5 : Night Horrors
Episode 6 : African Beauty
Episode 7 : The Dungeon Master
Episode 8 : The Death Sentence
Episode 9 : Prison Break
Episode 10: Footprints in the Snow
Episode 11: Bloody Business
Episode 12: The Telecom Scandal
Episode 13: Human Traficking
Episode 14: The Polar Star
Episode 15: A Body in the Harbour
Episode 16: The Amphetamine Factory

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