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The Nature of Sex

1 x 60 min

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The monumental pedigree of human sexual behaviour, mating, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and child rearing, is the basis for this one-hour TV documentary special, entitled THE NATURE OF SEX: Mating, Childbirth, and Parenting. This documentary addresses many aspects of human reproduction that have baffled scientists and laymen for years, including questions such as what is natural in human mating: monogamy, harems or promiscuity? How long should a woman breastfeed? Are C-sections dangerous? Why are men able to grow beards and why women can't? Is it genetics? Why can't men grow beards? These and many other important findings emerge from exploring our 200-million-year pedigrees, and are presented with spectacular visual in this program, some of which have never been ever seen before.

Genre: Science/Documentary

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